Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cat Frenzi

In May, we were proud to have a new addition to our family! Chad found an abandoned 2 week old kitten under a shed at his work. We named her Miss May and bottle fed her until she was about 6 weeks old. Our other cats have welcomed her into the family and we even caught Miss May snuggling with Bubba (our lovable 7 yr old 15lb cat). We also caught Daisy (our friendly 2 yr old flower nibbling cat) playing in a box. Here is our kitty photo collection!
Bubba looking at something to attack!
Daisy trying to sleep...a little annoyed at us!
Miss May discovering steps at 6 weeks
Bubba and Miss May cuddling on the office chair while Lynn edits the blog.
Daisy playing in a box(this occurs regularly)!

San Fransisco Trip

For our 3rd wedding anniversary we went to San Fransisco! The view of the Golden Gate Bridge was awesome! Our tour guide took this photo! What a background! Too bad Lynn had her sun-glasses on....oh well. :)

We walked to China Town and had a blast with all the shops and fun Chinese trinkets. Lynn found this pink umbrella and couldn't resist asking Chad to take her picture!

We toured three vineyards on our trip! The grapes were sooo tiny due to the fact that it was early in the growing season! We didn't care much for the wines...we mainly loved the views!
We even rode on the famous trollies/cable cars. Chad was brave enough to stand on the outside as the trolley took us to Fisherman's Wharf from our hotel. He had to be careful though because at on point on the path we passed another trolley and he had to pull in close so he wouldn't get hit!

We discovered the best creme puff in the city, possibly the best ever! It was sooo yummy. They were the size of baseballs! And the creme on the inside was sooo good! We loved them so much that we ate like six of them during our week long stay. We tried to justify it by the fact that we were walking so much that we were burning a gazillion calories. However, we were only kidding ourselves..when we got home, the scale gave us a harsh reminder of our miscalculation! Those creme puffs are dangerous!...But sooooooo yummy!
After searching the city for 3 hours for a jacket with any kind of substance or even a scarf for that matter, we found a boatload of warm scarfs down at Fisherman's Wharf. Lynn was a little annoyed at the wasted time....but could only laugh at their adventure through just about every shopping venue in the city! Who knew a cute little stylish trench coat would not be enough to combat the strong winds from the ocean and the 50 degree weather at night! Duh!!
On our last night, we took a dinner cruise on the bay circling Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. The views were breathtaking. Too bad Chad had to take all the photos because Lynn was kindly reminded by her stomach that she doesn't fair well on small boats in the ocean.