Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another day at the ballpark!

We went to the Diamondbacks games over the weekend! D-backs won the 3 game series (2-1) over the Cubs. Yeah! On Sunday, we sat in the party suites in left field courtesy of California Lutheran University. Chad's brother, Tommy, plays football for Cal Lutheran and we were very appreciative of the tickets! The food was great and the company was even better! Chad's parents and coworker, Mike, and his family were all there to enjoy the afternoon of baseball! We also met a lot of great alumni from Cal-Lu!

New York Trip

We went to central park on our first day in New York! It was wonderful! This picture was taken on a bridge in the park close to some softbal fields. What a beautiful day for a stroll in the park.

Central Park even had a merry-go-round that Lynn just couldn't resist. After making sure adults were allowed to ride and some minor begging on Lynn's part, we decided to ride it! It was so much fun; what a memory this will be!

Chad was a little unsure about the whole merry-go-round idea, but Lynn took his picture anyway to capture the moment!

On our last day, we went back to New York and took a carriage ride around the park. It's worth the $40 bucks to sit back and relax. Our carriage driver even gave us tidbits of interesting facts as he led us around the park. For example, the merry-go-round we rode on is the oldest working merry-go-round in the world (100yrs old)! Wowsa!

Lynn snuck a kiss in while taking a photo at Central Park!

On our first night we met up with Liza and her boyfriend, Jordan, for dinner and a stroll to Times Square. We ate at CJ Clarks, a really yummy restaurant with outstanding burgers. The whole night was a blast!

We went to ESPN zone to goof around. Chad couldn't resist the race car experience!

This HUGE dinosaur fossil was at te entrance of the Museum of Natural History. We spent the afternoon walking around the museum!

On Tuesday night, we went to Yankee Stadium for a great night of baseball. It was neat to be in a stadium with such history. And yes, Yankees won 16 to 3 over the White Sox! We had great seats, it was a cool experience!

We went to Rockifeller Center and NBC studios. This pic was taken outside NBC studios..thought it was kinda funny in an "office" way!