Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cousin time!

So we had the pleasure of having our cousins come over for a weekend stay! The boys had a blast playing the wii and just being boys!

How we play

So we have entered the stage of interactive play with both my children. This means that they play together...sometimes it's amazingly well and other times is disastrous. Sometimes there are pleased and thank you'd and many times there are "mines"and "I had it firsts". Brooklyn is learning that she can physically take things and Roman is learning that it's super frustrating to have your trains yanked away even after you say you need 2 more minutes. I'm so thankful that I'm home to help them work through the tough moments and pour scripture into their hearts during conflict resolution. It makes for amazing opportunities in patience, respect, and humility. Here are some pictures of them playing together.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things that start with R

So this week, and probably next week too, we are studying the letter R. Roman is learning about respect and our verse is Proverbs 13:13. I'm really enjoying the verse of the week concept because it is not only training roman, but me too! I can't expect roman to memorize scripture if I'm not doing it too:-). He is slowly getting to the point where he understands that his bad choices make for bad consequences. The reward/sticker/ticket system seems to be working. There are days where he says out loud, "oh I need to do something kind so I can get a sticker and earn something from the fun box!". That I like music to my ears! Well, that and listening to him quote scripture:-).

Coincidentally, his name begins with R so he are working on writing his name with and without the lines. He got his first lesson in planning ahead when he ran out of room writing his name. Now he looks at the paper and remembers to start way on the left side so that he can fit his whole name on the page.

When we were leaning about reptiles, afternoon said reptiles don't have fur. I had showed him my fur on my arm to demonstrate how even humans have "fur" when he looked at his hairless arm and declared, "mama! I'm a reptile! I don't have any fur like you!". It made me giggle. Then I shows him his hair on his head...don't worry, my child no longer thinks he's a reptile! Too funny!

Respect, in general, is a hard thing for adults to grasp let alone an energetic passionate almost 4 yr old. But through prayer and consistency (aka going back to time out if you make goofy faces while we are having out "after time out" talk). This poor kid, he'll grow up with rules...hey another T word that we will be discussing!

This week we also made a railroad track out of cardboard, complete with cardboard tunnels! And we even made a reading corner in our school room! The possibilities
Tonight's discussion: rules of appropriate dinner table behavior. This should be fun!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Polar express!

This was our 3rd year doing the polar express. We forego the gifts and instead, we spend time together as a family. The kids love the train and we love the family time :-). This year, Brooklyn and Roman were really excited about the big train and when Roman saw Santa he exclaimed,"I knew he wasn't dead!" You see we have told him about Saint Nicholas and how he lived a long time ago...but it became a bit clearer when we explained that this Santa was just a man dressed up like him. So he was still dead. His comment made us giggle:-). And yes, he knows it's all pretend and the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Nana!

Happy Birthday Nana!