Monday, June 30, 2008

Our first encounter with Hawaiian ocean

The water was warm to the locals, but chilly to us. After a few minutes we were diving and swimming in the waves having fun splashing each other, then spitting out the salt as if we were spitting out brussel sprouts when grandma wasn't looking...yuck! We got used to it though. Chad floated in the water, Lynn tried...but just couldn't do it. I figured that swimming was a way cooler trick since it could save me from sharks!

Chad played more in the water while I soaked in the Vitamin D rays with a good book. (John Grisham's The Last Juror)

Aloha from Hawaii

We arrived in Hawaii Friday afternoon hungry. Although we were fed a nice salmon and rice meal on the plane...still, we were hungry. Our hunt for food was quite enjoyable in our rented convertable (Mustang, to be specific...Lynn's fav)

Humidity is NOT our friend

Humidity is sooooo not cool, nor dry, nor fact humidity is not my friend. Let me if there needs an explanation...well maybe for all you arizonians who haven't really experienced humidity (no, the "monsoon" season doesn't count because it's just a "season" and not a daily, ever constant force fighting against all that is good when it comes to hair styling products).

On day one of our wonderful, blissfull Hawaii trip, I stepped off the plane to a breath of beautiful moisture. It was so pleasant I kepts saying, "this is so nice." Chad was a little hesitant to share in my new found friend humidity. In fact, upon entering our resort room (which, by the way is fantastic! It has a view of the ocean and a cute little black kitten that stopped by to say hi!) Chad's fear was confirmed...he couldn't find the AC unit. It only took him about 20 seconds to scan the entire room and determine (which he vocallized repeatedly) that this vacation was going to suck because there was no air conditioning. For me, well, I was still in the state of humidity friendship. I proceded to calm him down adding it will be soooo nice during the evenings (which it becomes cool and breezy). He went on a rant for a little bit; I let him let it all out. Then he stuck his head in the freezer and was relieved temporily.

All in all...Chad has a tolerable relationship budding...Me, our friendship is dead to me. I've been patient with it, all that I ask is to get one day of nice hair. It's not too much to ask for, right. nope, evidently humidity is selfish. It doesn't care if you want, just plain selfish. Think of my hair as one giant poofball that can only be put up in a ponytail for so many days straight before a perpetual headache establishes a relationship with my head!!! So as of right now I'm ending my little rant where I vocolized repeatedly that the rest of my vacation is going to suck because I've swelled. My hair has swelled, my face has swelled, my big toe has swelled. My body is used to having the moisture sucked out of it. Here, when you drink water to stay need about 1/2 as much as you would need in Arizona. This is my warning to all girls everywhere...Don't plan on looking cute in Hawaii cuz unless you have perfect hair, it will turn against you (no matter how much product you apply) and make you into a ranting babbling chica whose husband will calmy say "but honey, you're beautiful" Don't get mad...Husbands are being truthful...don't misunderstand them. They just don't feeeeeel the selfishness of the humidity at this point, they don't feeeeeel how their butt won't fit into the jeans because they're retaining water due to the lovely selfish humidity.

Ahhh....humidity, presious selfish humidity. Tomorrow, I will not fight it...I will stick my head in the freezer for relief, then go to the beach and learn to surf...that will teach that humidity to mess with me. If I can't fight it then I might as well join it. Ahh, salty ocean here we come (looks forgone)

All of you who live in humidity for more than 4 days straight...may God be with you. I now share your frustration.