Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another great marriage conference

We just finished another Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference! As always, it was great! Chad and I were able to reconnect and refuel ourselves with the tools to sustain a Godly marriage.

We even were able to go to the DBacks game and enjoy a game together:-). It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An indecent exposure kind of day

So today Roman gave me the best material for my "Life Raising a Boy" book (if one were to exist).

The first adventure came at the end of a fun filled morning of splash pad, feeding ducks, throwing rocks into the pond, kicking the ball around, playing swords with long pointy weeds, and playing on the playground at our community park with his friend, Connor from music class. You see, both Connor's mom and I had fastened our younger children in the stroller and were trying to quickly change the boys out of their swim trunks and into their street clothes. After getting off Roman's swim trunks, I jokingly said "now don't you go running away from me, I need to quickly put on your shorts.". Yes, it did cross my mind that I had just planted an idea into his head about running, but was relieved when he stayed put...for 5 seconds. Then, as expected, he bolted. I, of course, high tailed it after him and caught him after only a few steps. But then Connor had the same idea. Then in a goofy "let's let them have a little fun since no one is around...all the other sane moms had taken their kids home for lunch by now" kind of moment, we suggested the boys run to a pole about 10 feet away and back. Well, they ran to the pole and stopped. But after we cheered for them to come back, they turned the other way and took off running! Now remember, there were still a few crazy moms who were still at the park pushing through lunch time and letting their kids play. But, let the record show that we were the only two crazy moms who were chasing their streaking toddlers! We had to laugh because this is only the beginning of funny moments raising boys!

The second incident was at the gym, my place of employment since 2004! I was flying solo with the kids and was running a couple minutes late for Roman's swim lesson. So I went into Hurricane Mode and bolted out of the car which I had parked in the front row next to the handicapped spot. I got roman out of the van and told him to wait on the rocks, which he did, as I went around to the other side and unbuckled Brooklyn. In lightning speed, I got Brooklyn and the diaper bag out of the van and checked with my peripherals that roman was still there on the rocks in front of the van..he was, so no worries to all of you who were concerned while reading this. With my third arm I closed the door and started saying to Roman, without yet looking at him directly, "ok Ro let's go!". A millisecond later I look up to see Roman on the rocks with his swim trunks around his ankles peeing like a free spirit onto the rocks below. "but mama I'm peeing I can't" was all he said! I couldn't help but be in shock then laughter then panic! Again, with my third arm I managed to get his trunks up quicker than the speed of light hoping that none of the people passing by saw the incident. Oh my!

Talk about a funny and memorable day! This is were I just have to laugh because it was pretty hilarious if I do say so myself!