Friday, January 20, 2012

our little mover!

So Brooklyn crawled when she was 9.5 months.  She is now pulling herself up to standing and walking with a walker (as of today!).  I just can't believe how quickly she is passing through the crawling stage. Although I do have to admit that it is kind of a relief because she likes to pick everything up off the ground and put it in her mouth.  Roman wasn't a big "put things in his mouth" type of baby.  Instead he would examine it.  Brooklyn on the other hand will either grab the item or reach down with her mouth and try to lick it!  Oh my!  This leads to me sweeping many times a day.  Fun times!

When she walks it cracks me up because she lifts her knees so high and she watches her feet.  She is very deliberate about her walking.  Love her!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gluten free pretzels

Look who is addicted to his gluten free pretzels!!!

Jail bird!

Found this inmate trying to escape! Saw her on the monitor doing this instead of napping:-/

Flashcards for Brooklyn!

Given the craziness of two kids, it's taken me a bit longer to get Brooklyn started on a routine with flash cards. I've done flashcards with her just not consistently so she recognizes about 5 cards (apple, fish, monkey, elephant, and bee). So now I've brought down the task of flashcards to two groups: morning and afternoon. I pray it will be easier for both of us since there are no more than 10 cards in each bunch .

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hand-me-down Toys are the best!

We brought out some "new" toys for Brooklyn.  Really these are the same ones that Roman used, but they are new to Brooklyn for all she knows.  We bought this stand and play toy at a yard sale for mere pocket change... I forget exactly how much, but it was cheap.  The legs come off so it can be a floor toy too for crawling babies.  Roman zoomed so fast through the crawling phase that we purchased this for his cruising stage.  Basically, the picture of Roman playing with it is when he was around 8 months old!  And, of course petite Brooklyn, is not quite ready to be left unattended while standing next to this toy.  So, at 10 months, she is loving crawling all over it and exploring the fun buttons and things that move.

Roman 8 months

Brooklyn 10 months

My little Worker

For Christmas, Papa M bought Roman a workbench.  He was all serious and in work mode when he and Daddy put the bench together.  He walked around using his drill on just about everything after it was done, saying "i'm a worker man." Then, when I would ask him to do something his response was, "i can't mama, i'm working" Too funny!

New pants

Do you see that adorable flower on the pant leg of Brooklyn's pant?!  Cute, right?!  Well, my creative juices were "a flowin'" one morning when I fixed the hole in these hand-me-down pants.  I added this little flower in no time and made this outfit that much cuter!  She's appreciative, I can tell :)

In other news...her fingers taste yummy these days since more teeth seem to be making their appearance.

Cute Tushie!

Get a load of these bloomers!  Seriously cute, right?!  Since Brooklyn is crawling around a lot now, most of my pictures are from behind.  But how appropriate are these adorable bottoms to capture her behind!  Love it!  A great friend of mine, Eunice, gave this and a matching bib to Brooklyn.  Thanks Eunice!