Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Farmer and the cow

We visited our old church (where chad was baptized and we were married 8years ago) tonight to let the kids play games, ride a train, pet some animals, and oh a lollipop:-). They had a blast!!! It was great to see our old friends and pastor. God is so amazing to have brought these people into our lives!

F is for Fire Station

Today we visited a fire station in honor of the letter F! Roman was in awe. He soaked in all the trucks and equipment. He even got to sit inside the trucks win his friend! He learned so much and then of course asked do many questions AFTER the tour in the car. I have a feeling this will be a memorable event for my little boy!

First haircut

A couple days ago, Brooklyn got her first haircut! She was sporting quite the mullet. Here are the before and after pictures.

Coming along


Well B is 19 months and is talking like crazy. She also enjoys putting on clothing. She has an inherent need to put things back, just like her mama! And just like her mama she doesn't like poop...let me explain. She has, for about a week now, pooped in the potty and then immediately retreated off of the potty to get away from it. I feel ya, your business and get off!! But in all honesty, she is doing great at potty training. She peed twice on the potty today, had only a few accidents, and even used a public restroom for poop! Way to go!!!

Roman is learning to be kind and polite to others, including his sister. Today, I was slipping and almost fell, but in my stumbling/shuffling I caught myself. The first thing Roman said was, whoa mama are you ok?! It was in the most sincere voice ever too!! Love his big heart!!

Plus, they both LOVE helping mama with dishes! love it!!

Letter F

We started off our week this week studying about faithfulness and what it means to be faithful to your promises like God is faithful to his promises. David and Jonathan's relationship was a great example as is Esther (which he will learn more about today!).

Monday was a creative day that included making a fort in the living room and floating on his back at swim lessons! Heres a pic of happy roman in his fort. We even watched a short clip about firefighters while in the fort. Now today we are going to go to a fire station that has a fire pole and everything!

Letter F week is turning out to be a great week! Especially after roman sympathized with a friend of his being made fun of and told the offender, "Don't be mean to my friend, he is my best friend and it's not nice to be mean to him.". He is turning into a faithful friend! Thank you Lord for these great teaching opportunities at home!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 7 of potty training's day 7....and so far 3 poops in the potty but no pee. Instead, many accidents and many tools of paper towels.

Update: about an hour after I wrote this but didn't publish the post, she peed a glorious pee in the potty!!! Yay! Progress...that's all I needed!