Monday, February 11, 2008

A day of Sports!

On Sunday Chad had a baseball game in the early afternoon and we went to a Sun's game later in the evening. It was a day-o-sports together for the McDonalds! The sunny day was just beautiful with a high temp of around 76 degrees. Chad pitched another great game! I'm really proud of him. No matter if his team wins or loses he enjoys just being outside playing ball. Sorry no pics this time, i forgot my camera :)

We've been watching the Suns a bit and decided to see a game. Even at the last minute we scored some great seats (probably cuz it was a sunday night). It reminded me of when I used to go to basketball games at my high school. It was fun just to watch a great game. Those players are really talented and tall!!!

This was tip-off--man can they jump high!

A cool shot! Too bad he actually ended up missing this one, but it looked really neat!

Our standard pose taken by a girl behind us. Her little brother was cute as he rooted for the Suns saying things like "de-fence!" or "way to go Nash!" throughout the game. He was about half my age and knew more than double about basketball! Oh and the usher guy in the yellow shirt was very nice too. He let us know where we could get free food and bottled water! I think he could tell we were new because we had just paid for our subway sandwhiches not even realizing we were sitting in seats that got us free food! What a nice usher!

Love and Respect Marriage Conference

So this weekend we attendend the Focus on the Family's Love and Respect Marriage conference at a church in Peoria. It was great! We didn't know anyone there, we had never been to the church where it was held, and this was a different conference than we have done in the past.

It was great to turn off/ignore the cell phones, get away a couple days and just enjoy being with each other and learning more about how God designed marriage.

I love my husband more and more every day! :)