Friday, February 8, 2013

Early birthday celebration

We has an early birthday celebration for roman...he LOVED his cake! In fact, it was how Brooklyn and I got him out of bed...the lure of a birthday cake is hard to deny!

So much bread!

There is an event tomorrow that I'm baking bread for...and this is my life today! So thankful for a wonderful neighbor who let me borrow her oven! I truly have the best neighbors!

Grand total: 34 loaves!

May they feed 5000, Lord Jesus!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fish cake

This was a trial run for his Bday party next week. It only took 4.5 hours. Let's hope it will take less time next week:-).

As for this cake, we will enjoy its gluten free, buttercream frosting goodness tomorrow at music class.

Thank you, Melissa, for recommending Pamela's gluten free products for the cake! It is yummy!!!

Fine motor play

Lately Roman and Brooklyn have been doing school together. I'm finding that Brooklyn is only about a year behind Roman in the fine motor department. So that makes for double the participation when I have craft time on the docket for Roman's schooling. Today was sewing! I found this awesome cardboard set including two was a though they knew I would need it for each of my children!

I'm so proud of how far Roman has come with his fine motor skills. God has surely been doing a great thing in this little boy, teaching him a bit of humility as he has struggled in this area where other kids his age are advanced.

Brooklyn is such a go getter. She wants to do everything Roman does. She is getting better at sharing these days making for only one incident of wanting Roman's guitar cutout. That is success!

I enjoy sitting at the table with them as they play. It gives me the opportunity to experience the emotions (high and low) of my children and better relate to them when I'm disciplining them. I'm not the "sit back and let my kids play in the school room for an hour" kind of mon. I want to play with them. after all, who's behavior do I want them to imitate? Mine, when I say excuse me, may I please have that?, great job!, I need help please, etc. Or their's when they say, mine!, stop!, no!, give it to me!, etc. this way when they do play by themselves, they might remember how God wants them to play.

Here's to more dual schooling!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

School room update

Today was a very productive Saturday, in my opinion. I was able to clean all three bathrooms, rearrange Brooklyn's room so that her crib wasn't directly under the vent (no scorpions fall in her crib potential), vacuum the entire upstairs, and rearrange the school room. Chad did an amazing job putting up the spice racks that serve as bookshelves for the reading corner. I changed my mind a couple times, but he was so patient. Brooklyn even started eating actual food again today...after being sick all week she is staring to get her appetite back and her congestion is going down. Now praying big brother would get over it quickly.

While we were working on the school room, roman snuggled up in his cousin's spiderman inflatable sleeping bag with some corn chips..he got them all by himself from the pantry.

Here are some pictures of our school room so far:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sick but thankful

So Brooklyn has been sick this whole week and is still not feeling well. But, we are thankful. Thankful for the Holy Spirit who insisted I wake her up the first nighttime nurse her. Thankful for having to keep her upright all night and not in her crib where we found a scorpion just a few hours later that early morning. I remember just before chad discovered the scorpion, praying Philippians 4:8 about all the good things I should think about instead of the dreaded "no sleep cuz she had to be held upright all night" night ahead of me. God is good and brings good out of every situation! That night was hard, but I felt strengthened by God for sure!

Here's a pic of poor sick Brooklyn:-(