Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trying out a new blog

Visit our new blog and let me know what you think!  

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Prescott Christmas 2008

We rented a quaint little cabin in Prescott with Tom and Julie (Chad's parents) for a couple of days over Christmas. Here are some goofy photos from our adventure including a great pic of Chad's dad dealing with the fact that a big storm hit and knocked out power to the cabin. The back up generator kicked in, but the electric fireplace never really worked after the power outage and Tom was a big Cranky McGrumpypants cuz he was so cold! The oven and stove still worked so Lynn was happy! We made some yummy monkey bread in the morning after a home-made mac n' cheese made by Julie!
Our White Christmas photo!  

Lynn can balance pumpkin pie on her belly!  Yeah for baby bellies!  
The altitude got the best of us...the cabin was at around 7000ft!
Tom and Julie got ahold of the camera and contributed a goofy photo!

Tom as Cranky McGrumpypants...why you so grumpy!!!!

Office humor
Lynn opening all bundled up opening her presents!
Chad read through Tom's "2009 survival calendar" there was even a scenario that described how to survive a down power line.  Others included how to survive being stranded on an iceberg and a stampede of mad shoppers.   Tom should be prepared for just about anything this upcoming year!
Julie and Lynn in the kitchen cookin' dinner for the guys!  Mmmm, the mac n' cheese was soo yummy!  

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning!

So, Roman got me up at about 6:30 this morning kicking and pushing on my belly! So, I ate a quick breakfast for my little one, then got Chad up for presents! Here's a little peek into our final Christmas without little ones running around! Enjoy!

Christmas 2008

Christmas Baking!!


Yummy Puppy Chow!


Mmmmm Buckeyes!
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Baby room decorating!




We worked a bit on decorating the baby's room and the cats seemed to claim the crib! I tried hanging a couple things, then got a little tired...not to worry, chad came to my rescue and finished putting up the shelves and decorations. I was his assistant as I handed him the hammer and the nails. Tough job, but someone has to do it! It was fun!
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32 week baby bump!


So we grew a little! Bigger and Bigger I exciting! I'm lovin' it!
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Roman in 3D!

Yesterday we were able to get a peek of Roman inside my womb! He was kinda squished and has really big cheeks! I can't wait to hold him! Here are the pics from the 3D ultrasound.

Roman 3D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Shower at Tea Dreams

There is this cute little modern Tea shop in Gilbert where my baby shower was held. Everyone who came was treated to yummy petite sweets, scones, chocolates and of course, tea! It was very girlie and fun times for all! I was 31 weeks pregnant at the time! Enjoy!

baby shower

Monday, December 8, 2008

crazy Kitty!

So a while ago I caught Miss May (our youngest kitty of 1.5 yrs) eying the pot rack in the kitchen. There were some boxes on the counter which allowed her better access to the pot rack. Next thing we knew, we were running for the camera as Miss May performed her balancing act! Crazy Kitty!

30 week baby bump!

I think I'm going through another growth spurt because I bought some shirts from Old Navy the day after Thanksgiving and one week later (last Friday)...they are too small for me! My belly sticks out on the bottom! Crazy how fast my tummy is growing!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

29 week bump!

So we counted back from our due date (Feb. 13th) and realized that I am 29 weeks pregnant! I don't know where we lost track, but's the 29 week baby bump pic!

Decorating for Christmas!

After a long day of shopping (getting up at 4am!) I was in the Christmas spirit so we decorated the house! The tree, the garland, the name it! We put on Christmas music and went to town! It was fun! We even made hot coco! Then, Chad nearly had to carry me upstairs cuz I passed out on the couch!

My Black Friday Face off!

This is my new diaper bag! I had to stand outside a baby boutique for about 30 minutes on Black Friday to get it. The store didn't open until 8am, but Chad and i got there early. Good thing because there were a few other cars in the parking lot, but no-one standing in line. So, I walked up to the door after scoping out the competition (yep...they were all waiting for the boutique to open.) I even called the lady inside the store and asked how many diaper bags they had. I told her I was waiting outside by the door for it so she didn't think I was some weirdo...but, well it was black Friday and that's what people do on that day! Anyways, I was contemplating waiting in the car, but when she said she only had one...I stayed put. Then, as Chad would describe it "pregnant women came out of the wood works like vultures circling their kill" to get in line too!

When I found out another lady wanted the same diaper bag (cuz us prego women all ended up chatting outside the store!) I was soooo glad I had got in line instead of waiting in the car! I was first in the store and first to check out. Then I quietly walked out of there so there wouldn't be any confrontations. Can you imagine!

FYI: Chad tells the story with a bit more drama...he adds that I held up my fist and scowled at the other cars intimidating them as I scoped out my competition. I deny the fist shaking and scowling...but I don't deny looking at all the cars to scope out my competition.

You're's just a diaper bag. And yes it is JUST a diaper bag, but it was 1/2 off! Very cool!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pasta anyone?!

So I had soo much fun in my kitchen yesterday!!! I made pasta!! It was exciting to see the pasta machine extrude the pasta dough! Yes, I said extrude...oh it makes me think of my Solidworks and Pro/E days...memories :) The pasta was yummy too...we had spaghetti last night mmmmm good!

Friday, November 21, 2008

How do you like them apples!

So I ordered 40lbs of apples...Why you ask? I don't think I realized how many apples were in 40lbs. My intentions were to have enough apples to make applesauce to hand out during the Christmas and to make a few apple pies. Well, I have more apples than I know what to do with. I'm beginning the apple sauce today, but I have a feeling I'm going to be bonding with my pressure cooker and canner all weekend! Seriously, if anyone wants some home-made applesauce...just let me know!

Note to self: Next year...split the 40lb box with a friend!

27 week bump!

Here's another pic of my bump. So this week I've discovered that my peripheral vision isn't quite as good as it used to be! I've been running into things and accidentally bumping into my cats. I realized that I can't see what's near my feet cuz my belly is in the way of my peripheral vision. One time I walked into the garage and kicked a power tool that Chad had put on the ground. I kinda hurt so I instinctively got a little annoyed because it was left out in the middle of the garage floor. However, when I looked back at it, it was off to the side and grouped together with other tools. So really, I just walked right into wasn't chad's fault at all! He such a good husband though...he moved them a little more out of the way (although they were out of the way to begin with!), just to be safe!
I love him sooo much!

Roman's been doing his pushing thing more and more! It seems as though he likes to push in a certain place so I've been getting used to the feeling and am really enjoy it! I'm still not sure if it's his knee or his bum. However, I'm thinking it's his bum from the size of the surface area that is covered during the push.

So I think Roman might turn into a circus performer cuz he's constantly moving throughout the day. He's a wild one! Wooo Whooo! Thank you, Lord for my beautiful baby boy!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This may be the last time I can do this!

Just giving Roman another way to look at life...keepin' it real!
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26 week bump

This pic was taken last night...I'm in the middle of my 26th week. Roman is growing so fast. I love it when he wakes me up in the morning with his little gentle kicks. He doesn't kick at night...just a little before I go to bed, nothing at night, then he wakes me up with kicks in the morning. Maybe it's his way of saying that he's hungry! He is such a good boy. I love him soooo much!
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Rock Band Fun!

Last night we had so much fun playing Rock Band. We even had a chick band going for a while too! Eunice, Jen and I sang a couple songs...that was funny! Jen knew most of the lyrics to one of the songs while Eunice and I belted out the chorus!



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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Springfield, MO trip

One last trip before Roman arrives! We flew out of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport by our house. Turns out, it was cheaper to fly and it is only 10 minutes away! Plus, parking was a breeze and only $5 per day! The only downfall is that the airline we used (Allegiant Air) only flies to select cities.

While in MO we visited Chad's friends from high school again. Cindy and Jason Smith (and all their family) were so kind to us and the pancakes we had on Sunday morning before church were delicious (as always!). Cindy's parents even had some cute kitties for me to play with. Too bad Chad wouldn't let me take one home. :( Cindy's mom was so sweet to me...on top of being so kind and welcoming she made me a diaper cake! It was adorable. There was even a little hand-made knitted bottle holder..beyond cute! I couldn't fit it in my luggage so they said they would ship it to us! After another yummy home-made meal (red, beans and rice), the guys went golfing...I heard it was a blast, despite the cold! And to top the day off, we all met at Cindy's house for another great meal and some apple pie! What a great day it was! Then we visited Steve and Carrie Brown. They too welcomed us into their home for some yummy burgers and entertainment from their daughter, Kira. She would run around chasing the cat. If she was successful in catching him, she would try to put him a cupboard...then laugh and laugh and laugh! Good times! We even got to see their newest addition...their son, Cody who is 4 months old and a hefty, healthy 20lbs (almost)!

We were able to stop by the ranch and roam around a bit. We even saw a huge 10 point deer (a deer with 10 antlers)! It was amazing! Overall, the weather was gorgeous and the company was delightful! Thanks to all of them.





Tuesday, October 28, 2008

25 week bump

We went to Missouri and stayed in the Walnut Inn Bed and Breakfast. This pic was taken in the room!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

What's your Cardboard Testimony?

Watch this video! It's awesome! Be sure to have some tissues handy. This video reminds me of the great things God has done in our lives...He is so worthy of our praise! If you don't know Jesus all you have to do is go to HIM just as you are (imperfect, sinful, whatever..)and accept His son, Jesus, to be your savior from all your sins. God loves you no matter what you've done or experienced in the past!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

24 week bump!

So I've been feeling great and haven't had any cravings as of yet...I still think they are a myth (cuz I haven't craved anything yet). Roman's been kicking and he's even learned something new in his spare time. On a few occasions, he has pushed on me with all his strength. Today he "pushed" for about 5 seconds...long enough for me to recognize it was different than a quick kick, feel his hand/bottom/head (who knows) push on my tummy, and then start counting.'s his new little trick for him to play on mommy when she's in the middle of bible study! Do I praise him or scold him?!!! Hmmm, it didn't hurt too bad and I kinda want him to do it i'm thinking I'll praise him (for now!)

Here's the lates bump pic...I hope y'all enjoy watching me get plump!

Friday, October 10, 2008

22 week bump!


Miss May snuck into the nursery and fell asleep in the crib...Maybe she's still a little attached to the room since it used to belong to the cats!


Me at 22 weeks...seriously, it's getting bigger!
We caught Bubba with his paw up on my belly...can you feel Roman kick!? Cats are funny.

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